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ABOUT TFM- Tantra Festival Mexico - Ceremony - Ritual - Gisella Rouge - Tantra Facilitator


In 2019 we begin a collective process of liberation and transformation. We planted Ceiba seeds in our hearts during the first edition of TFM in the jungle of Tulum. Since then, more than 5 Tantra Festivals have flourished in different countries of Latin America, our workshop assistants are now moving into facilitating roles, first time attendees are now experienced practitioners in the field...

ABOUT TFM - Tantra Festival Mexico - Tulum - Transformational Festival - Ecstatic Dance - Cacao Ceremony

Tantra Festival Mexico was founded in 2019 by Gisella Rouge. It is the first-ever Sacred Sexuality and Tantra Festival in all Latin America. In 2022 TFM grew into two editions, adding TFM - En Español. 


We are a small transformational festival with spiritual retreat quality, carefully curated as a complete experience. With educative, healing, and nurturing activities designed to touch deeply at the core of our lives to help us live as embodied powerful beings.


TFM has welcomed people from all over the world of different backgrounds, cultures, and orientations, ages between 21 and 79 years old. We offer a Facilitator/Participant approach, rather than a Business/Customer approach. 

Our aim is to attract people looking for a change, longing for love, needing to heal, ready to be a better version of themselves and showing up for their communities. 


Our compromise is to provide a safe space that fosters nurturing, intimacy and connection. Where participants can feel free to be themselves and shine without judgment in an inclusive environment. Exploring our spirituality, sexuality and self to inspire a deeper transformation. 


Our mission is to contribute to the rise of consciousness and transformation of humanity. To support the healing of our collective wounding. To promote sexual liberation across all Latin America. To educate people on consent, boundaries, respect, sexual diversity, and spirituality. To help people embrace sexual freedom while growing our tantric community in Latin America.

Our vision is to fund an ONG to reach out to the most vulnerable communities with sexual education, information and healing. For this, we also have a long-term mission of building a holistic center and helping to create proper sex-ed programs for all Latin America.

ABOUT TFM -Tantra Festival Mexico - Sacred Sexuality - Cacao Ceremony - Tepoztlan - Tantra Festival - Retreat
ABOUT TFM - Tantra Festival Mexico - Sacred Sexuality - Cacao Ceremony - Tepoztlan - Tantra Festival - Retreat
ABOUT TFM - Tantra Festival Mexico - Sacred Sexuality - Cacao Ceremony - Tepoztlan - Tantra Festival - Retreat

We strongly believe that in order to restore our humanness, we need to heal our collective wounding and own back our power. 


Mexico and all of Latin America have a long history of repression that has wounded our collective sexuality deeply. Ancient cultures were devastated by the catholic church, traditions and customs were suffocated and replaced with guilt and shame, the wisdom of our ancestors was buried, the power of our culture was taken to the shade. On top of that, the lack of proper sex education and consent makes a terrible combination of gender, domestic and sexual violence. 


We believe we are ready to be free from toxic religions, from imposed cultural shame, free of gender violence. We are ready to live and love, without fear, judgment, or guilt. We are ready to love ourselves and own back our power.  

ABOUT TFM - Tantra Festival Mexico - Tulum - Transformational Festival - Ecstatic Dance - Cacao Ceremony


Throughout our worldwide history, we have seen and learned over and over again the abuse of power that has led to rape culture. But this is not about bad apples. This is about a rotten and retrograde system that is insufficient to grow healthy sexual humans.

In our capitalistic society, sex has been advertised as something that you can purchase. What’s even sadder is that kids today, the same ones with easy access to porn and all the other warped, degrading messages about sex available on the Internet, are getting less sex education than previous generations! 


So while it’s beyond time to expose predatory people in power and talk about sexual harassment and assault policies in every institution, our work isn’t done there. This is also about addressing broader brokenness in society. It’s about admitting that we raise girls to feel like their sole purpose is to entertain a man and their own pleasure or preference is irrelevant. It’s about admitting that we raise boys to see sex as something they are entitled to, as something transactional, as something that men seek out naturally. And it’s about the continued attempt to control women’s bodies, particularly their sexuality.

ABOUT TFM - Sacred Sexuality - Tantra Festival Mexico - Tulum - Transformational Festival - Ecstatic Dance - Cacao Ceremony

Sexuality, being the primordial energy that brings life, has been underestimated and left behind.

Sexuality does not only has the capability to bring life but it also holds ALL your personal power, meaning it is your sexual energy that defines who you are and helps you develop your relationships.


 It is that very same energy that gives you the strength to follow your dreams. Yes, people who have a healthy sexual life ARE successful people.

What is a Tantra Festival?


Let's start by clarifying that a Tantra Festival is not a Training nor a School. Instead, a Festival is a celebratory gathering for like-minded people who wants to enjoy, heal, and learn. It is the perfect place for people who are trying to figure out themselves or just looking for inspiration. 


Unlike music festivals, where you watch a series of performances, in tantra festivals, you are part of the performance. There are a ton of guidelines that you will have to follow in order to get the best of it, these guidelines are usually reminded on a daily basis, which can be tiring but also liberating and completely necessary for the framework of the festival. 


The idea of a tantra festival is a relatively new one. However, tantra festivals are becoming wildly popular around the globe, with an increasing number of new festivals across the world. People are becoming more and more aware of tantra as a spiritual concept and are realizing the need for that type of connection, level of intimacy, and realness in their relationships, as well as understanding how a tantra retreat can help them in such various ways. 


​​Tantra festivals are the perfect way to disconnect from the madness of modern life, foster a stronger bond, heal, and grow your sense of intimacy through community, as well as understand your sexuality and educate yourself. Not only are they great fun but can also be very insightful and healing too!


Tantra festivals can bring mindfulness into sexuality and, in an age where porn has become the driving cultural force behind how people have sex, neo tantra can offer another approach to relating; learning to bring intimacy into touch, become comfortable with their own bodies, embrace sexuality as a form of communication and even communion.


And tantra really can extend beyond sexuality into a creative and sensual approach to living, where you accept each thing that happens to you as an opportunity to be aware, to grow.


Tantra festivals are unique and intended for people who want to explore and grow personally and spiritually, either by themselves or with a partner. People who attend a tantra festival are usually interested in wellness, personal development, sexuality, yoga, meditation, spiritual growth, healing, and holistic activities among other interests.

ABOUT TFM- Sacred Sexuality - Tantra Festival Mexico - Tulum - Transformational Festival - Ecstatic Dance - Cacao Ceremony
ABOUT TFM- Sacred Sexuality - Tantra Festival Mexico - Tulum - Transformational Festival - Ecstatic Dance - Cacao Ceremony
ABOUT TFM- Sacred Sexuality - Tantra Festival Mexico - Tulum - Transformational Festival - Ecstatic Dance - Cacao Ceremony


There are still a lot of misconceptions about tantra festivals and tantra in general so, it is crucial that you understand what you are investing your time and energy in as well as your money. In an attempt to give less biased information on what to expect from a Tantra Festival, we took inspiration from some personal blogs describing what their experiences were like on a tantra festival.  

Things to Expect from a Tantra Festival


Each tantra festival is unique and so, the experiences you have at different festivals will be different. Expect to see, feel, and understand new things. You might see people sitting on top of each other, you might get a sensual massage from a fellow attendee, or maybe you will experience unconditional love towards someone you meet for the first time. The possibilities are truly endless.


Spirituality and healing are huge aspects of any tantra festival and are one of the primary reasons why people go to such festivals in the first place. Everything about being there will aid in your healing - talking to like-minded people, practicing meditation, learning valuable information, getting massages, eating good food, dancing freely and rocking to music can all heal you from the inside out.


One of the first things you can expect to feel as soon as you enter the premises of a tantra festival is a strong energy field. Tantra, to a great degree, is about energy. Expect to experience intense energies at a tantra festival. You will feel cocooned in a blanket of nurturing energy and this will encourage you to be yourself and explore everything you can at the festival.


You may find yourself opening up to a whole new way of loving others around you, being in a place where everyone loves and accepts each other is amazing. Perhaps you’ll begin to release old emotions, programs and feelings that no longer serve you. Maybe you’ll feel a deep connection to the universe and every living soul on this planet. You might find that you can be completely yourself, no matter how crazy you think you are. You may begin to appreciate your own body and being, loving every single part of yourself.


If you crave a safe space where you can do absolutely anything you want (without harming others), you can expect to experience that freedom at a tantra festival. Except for a handful of container rules such as consent, you can do whatever you like. This is intentional. It helps you to release suppressed energies and the freedom will make your soul dance from the inside and you may get a glimpse of what enlightenment feels like.




Things not to Expect from a Tantra Festival

A lot of people have the misconception that a tantra festival is a sex party where people go to fulfill their physical needs. This is not true at all. In fact, all or most tantra festivals, do not allow to have intercourse in public spaces or out in the open. If you want to engage in sexual activities, you need to do so in the privacy of your room.


Tantra festivals are generally peaceful events, even though people are filled with intense energies and highly encouraged to do emotional liberation at all times. It is a safe space where most people are as sincere as you in regard to their spiritual journey. Violence is not a common topic in a tantric event. 


Everything that happens in a tantra festival is considered sacred and is meant to be experienced only by the attendees. Therefore, you won't be allowed to take photos or videos during the sessions. 


Another common misconception about a tantra festival is that people engage in binge drinking whereas drugs and alcohol are fully discouraged and completely prohibited at tantra festivals. This is so you can experience everything with all your senses intact. If you are caught up drinking alcohol or doing drugs, you will be asked to leave. 

What to expect from a Tantra Fest?

Are you ready?

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