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 The Tantra Festival Mexico goes HYBRID! The festival activities will be held simultaneously online AND in person!

We are now planning a more exclusive event at our venue in Tepoztlan, Mexico for a maximum of approximately 60 people in order to comply with COVID-19 best practices. Some offerings will be happening online and others will be happening in person, most online offerings will be streamed live at our venue, and most of the activities happening in person will be broadcast live online.

The activities will be recorded. Recordings will be made available for ticket holders of both in-person and online attendees for 30 days!


Orgasmic and Spiritual Enlightenment

There will be three morning sessions running simultaneously featuring Yoga, Meditations, Breathing, Taiji or Qigong.

Ecstatic Dance, Tantra Festival in Mexico

We will gather every day after breakfast for ecstatic dance and tribe gathering to dance and celebrate our tribe and unify the experience as a collective, then we'll move into family pods to ground and integrate the experience as individuals.

Tribe gathering festival in Mexico 2020

There will be 3 Tantra workshops running simultaneously with different depths of intimacy and transformation offered by different teachers. Some are open to individuals, others to couples, but you are not required to be an intimate couple, just willing to partner with another during some workshops. The different Tantric approaches and diversity of activities will provide a space to dive as deep as you like.

To complement the experience, our evenings will be filled with Live Concerts, a Mexican Cacao Ceremony, a Cuddle party, Love Temple nights and a Sexy Masquerade Party!

*These activities will be happening in person, some will be streamed live for online participants.

Concert, Tantra Festival Mexico 2020, Kirtan
Masquerade Party in Mexico 2020

Are you ready?


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