Tantra Festival


A Tantra Festival is a gathering of like-minded people held in a safe space that promotes healing and connection. Tantra Festivals have become very popular over the last few years, with a good number of gatherings popping up in cities across the world. Not only are they great fun but they can also be very insightful and healing too. Tantra Festivals are the perfect way to disconnect from the madness of modern life, foster a stronger bond with yourself, heal, and grow your sense of intimacy through community, understanding, and sexuality.

What could happen to me at a Tantra Festival?

You may find yourself opening up to a whole new way of loving others around you, being in a place where everyone loves and accepts each other is amazing. Perhaps you’ll begin to release old emotions, programs and feelings that no longer serve you. Maybe you’ll feel a deep connection to the universe and every living soul on this planet. You might find that you can be completely yourself, no matter how crazy you are. You may begin to appreciate your own body and being, loving every single part and not being afraid of exposing the areas that you don’t like.


You don’t need any previous experience to come, just an open mind and willingness to face yourself and others truly. The Festival is suitable both for beginners and advanced practitioners, 18 years and above. All sexual orientations and preferences are welcome in the practice of tantra. You can come alone or with a partner.

Are you ready?