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The third edition of the Tantra Festival Mexico is all about loving yourself. After an intense year full of challenges and unimaginable changes, the need for self-love arises within us, this goes beyond pampering ourselves or being a hedonist. The Pathway to Self Love comes as the aftercare of the battles we just faced, not only globally and collectively but also internally, against ourselves.


Learning to love yourself is a beautiful lesson that will take you to the deepest of your heart and will help you understand what your soul is truly yearning for. This does not happen overnight but rather has to be cultivated with self-acceptance and trust, self-care and pleasure, self-honor and respect, self-compassion and forgiveness, self-esteem and empowerment.   



“The Pathway to Self Love is the Pathway of the Heart” 


Self-love is an embodied path, that empowers you to return to your wholeness, rather than having to "fix you". Self-love is a practice and a choice - giving you the power to choose love over fear, shame and guilt.

Are you ready?