Our healers will be offering individual healing sessions. This is ideal if you have a specific issue that you wish to explore in more depth, a trauma that arose and needs to be looked at, or, to get a better understanding of Tantra, with the guidance of a professional healer.

The full list of healers for 2022 will be announced here a few weeks before the festival.

Stay tuned!

Alison Pilling - Tantra Festival Mexico - Tantric Sessions - Healing Temple - Healing Sessions

Ali Pilling

Alison Pilling (she/her) is a sexy polymath - an Intimacy Coach, Sexological Bodyworker, mentor and writer. She's currently working on a book called It’s Not about Sex, It’s About Soul. Like many people she had a sense that there was more to sex than she was experiencing but didn’t know what it was. Always something of a seeker, the greatest way life changed was joining a Tantra programme at the late age of 49.

Her teachers and training credentials include the great and good in Conscious Sexuality - Joseph Kramer, Betty Martin, Seani Love, Sarita, Quodouska.

Onel Perez - Tantra Festival Mexico

Onel Perez

Namaste fellow Tantric Believers! I am a soul having a human experience, learning from every encounter, attempting to breathe in every moment, and evolving to the best version of myself. We experience God in everything, music, nature, meditation, and the deepest in our sexual fruition. I believe that we have many soulmates throughout our lifetime. Some will teach us good lessons, some will challenge us, some give us messages and others heal us. Are you listening?

After my atonement in Reiki, I have developed a keen sense of feeling energy. I would love to be a channel for Karuna Universal Reiki Energy as it always knows what the individual needs during one of my Reiki Healing Sessions.

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Karolina Karwan

Hola beautiful people! I am tantra facilitator & practitioner, dakini, intimacy healer, energy worker, photographer & filmmaker, nomad. I am part of Tantra movement in Poland & Mexico and wherever I travel to. I am offering emotional support to people at online Tantra and Ista festivals. I was initiated to dakini work and sexual healing at one year tantra massage course by John Hawken & Freya Wolna in Poland. I learned from powerful teachers like Santoshi and Shachar Caspi.

Currently I am passionately offering neo tantra workshops and tantra healing & massage sessions. I am happy to share tools which transform my life, hold space for you in your process with loving presence and my vibrant heart. I am ready to support and help you to  releasse what wants to be releassed and liberated in you

Tiffany Ashaya Rose - Tantra Festival Mexico - Tantric Healer - Tantric Sessions - Healing Sessions - Healing Temple

Tiffany Ashaya Rose

Hi beautiful soul, I'm Tiffany; I'm a Sacred Feminine Embodiment Coach, here to support women in stepping into their most radiantly alive, empowered, juicily pleasured, blissful selves. I guide women through heart-womb centered practices to reconnect with a profound sense of self-love and deep inner wisdom - reclaiming sacred sexuality, sensuality, cyclical flow, yoni magic, divine pleasure and sovereignty. In my healing services, I weave together embodied wisdom from many modalities that I have been exploring personally along my spiritual journey over the past 10 years and am trained as a Tao Tantric Arts (Sacred Femininity) Facilitator through my beautiful teachers Shashi Solluna and Minke de Voss.

Are you ready?