Tah Whity is a Bio Integration Specialist who partners with 7-figure entrepreneurs, thought leaders and online content creators on the optimization and seamless integration of their bodies into all of their life processes, not simply their work lives. Mind-based high achievers often have body crashes that can get in the way of their continued vitality on all fronts.


Tah partners with A-Type performers to get their bodies on board to support their high powered lifestyles. Mindset needs a “bodyset” to match. Tah’s clients live their lives in fun, and fulfillment. Tah works side by side with his wife and partner Kole. Together they host the Mentor In The Mirror Podcast and can be found on podcasts all over the web including The Mike Dillard Podcast, Kyle Kingsbury, How'd it Happen, The Plant Medicine Podcast, Bio Curious, Rob Dial’s Mindset Mentor, TribeTalk by Modern Holistic Health, and many, many more. Tah has had his work frequently published on ThriveGlobal.


Tah practiced as a Registered Nurse in the New York City area for 25 years in the specialty of Emergency Medicine. He loves human beings with every fiber of his existence and is beyond passionate so see all human beings move out of the age of survival and into the age of THRIVE.

Are you ready?


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