Spiritual Retreat Tepoztlan




Our venue is a hidden oasis at the foot of the mystic mountains of Tepoztlan. Founded in 1996 The Secret Garden has hosted multiple conscious and successful events. 

Spiritual Retreat Tepoztlan

An extension of more than 3 hectares of natural paradise with a panoramic view of the valley, lots of open spaces, zen ponds, 3 swimming pools, green areas and gazebos to hang out and relax.

Tantra Festival Mexico 2020 Venue

The 4 multipurpose rooms, roofed palapa terrace, esplanade, ceremonial fireplace and Temazcal are a perfect fit for our Celebration.

Tantra Festival Mexico, Tepoztlan

The Secret Garden meets high standards of quality in lodging, food, and service, with more than 10 years of experience in hospitality and as venue for weddings, retreats, festivals and other events.

Tantra Festival Mexico Accomodations


The Secret Garden offers beautiful rooms, comfortable and with gorgeous light. We have two different categories of rooms, Premium and Standard, and different types of accommodations in each category. 

Tantra Festival Mexico Rooms
Tantra Festival Mexico Lodging

We also have a lovely camping space where you can set up your own tent, at registration, you will find the description and price of each option.

Find more details about each option

Spiritual Retreat in Mexico
Spiritual Retreat in Mexico


We will have delicious vegetarian meals served 3 times per day. The catering will be buffet style with lots of Mexican and local dishes as well as healthy goodies, we will make sure to have enough variety for the different tastes. If you have any dietary conditions please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


Are you ready?


This Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) has an attractive historic district set in the shadow of tall cliffs, architectural treasures, art exhibitions, artisan shops and revered hilltop. The traditional and prehispanic food will satisfy your taste buds at the famous food market. Try an itacate, a tlacoyo, roasted grasshoppers, prehispanic mole. Shop for dairy goods, fruits, seeds and vegetables at the Organic Farmers Market on Fridays. In Tepoznieves, sample over 130 flavors of water-based ice creams.

The Municipality of Tepoztlan is located in the state of Morelos just 60 min south of Mexico City in the heart of Mexico. Tepoztlan is also the name of the main town and it is the original and first, of 111 Magic Towns of Mexico, its title of “Magic Town” is the result of the combination of ancient traditions and mysticism that enrich the many cultural expressions. The municipality of Tepoztlan has a great magnetism that brings together an interesting mix of characters and tribes from all over the world (or universe), its magnetism can be understood as the vibe of the town, however, its high content of copper and quartz may be the reason why walking in the mountains feels purifying.

On a normal day at Tepoztlan, you can take a picture of your aura, have a tarot reading, or an astral chart reading, you may also participate on the sacred ritual of Temazcal, have the best holistic Massage of your life in one of the thousands healing centers, adventure to Amatlan with Doña Sarita who communicates with archangels for a reiki healing, visit the multi-dimensional door “La Puerta”, attend a sacred plant ceremony, visit a curandero for a clean of energy. In the rainy season, you can swim in sulfur blue water holes, waterfalls, pick wild mushrooms in the forest, observe the terrifying spectacle of lightning.

On top of Cerro del Tepozteco you can see the ruins of a pre-Hispanic pyramid built between 1150 and 1350 AD in honor of the god of pulque, Ometochtli Tepuztécatl. You can hike to the top and visit the archeological site, it can be a great challenge but is definitely worth it. The journey to the top is full of diverse and abundant vegetation that you will enjoy in every step you take. Tepoztlan is surrounded by smaller towns with their own legends and picturesque attractions such as: San Andres, Santiago, Santa Catarina, San Juan, Ocotitlan, or Amatlan, where is supposed to be the birthplace of the Aztec feathered snake god Quetzalcoatl and is home to a thriving community of Nahuatl people.


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