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The Tantra Festival Mexico is an international festival and all of our activities will be held in English. Our second edition 2020 will be happening simultaneously at our venue in Tepoztlan, Mexico as well as online at Zoom.


You don’t need any previous experience to come, just an open mind and willingness to face yourself and others truly. The Festival is suitable both for beginners and advanced practitioners, 18 years and above. All sexual orientations and preferences are welcome. You are welcome to come alone, with friends or with a partner. At the in person festival, we recommend that you come at the start and stay for the duration of the festival. This is to help hold space for the journey that each person feels safe to open up.


Our Online Festival will run the same days and hours as the on-site festival from November 27th to December 1st in Mexico City time zone, (GMT-5). To be able to participate at the online festival you will require a computer with a camera, speaker and microphone, internet connection and the zoom application downloaded. The activities will be held at zoom, upon registration, you will receive all the necessary information on how to access our online festival.  ​



Our Venue is located in Tepoztlan, Morelos. The closest Airport is Mexico City (MEX) 90 km by the highway. The biggest city nearby is Cuernavaca, Morelos just 25 km by the highway.


There are different ways to arrive at the venue. 


From Mexico City Airport you can get a cab, an UBER or ride in the official TFM airport shuttles. These options go directly from the airport to the venue and is a good option for people who don't speak Spanish. Fast and easy but not cheap.


Otherwise, you can rent a car at the airport and drive 90 km to the venue, make sure to have a working GPS and internet. There will be two toll booths on the way, one when you leave Mexico City have approx $107 pesos ready and the second one arriving in Tepoztlan this one is only around $33 pesos, there's only one gas station in town, you will see it right after you exit the highway, make sure to get gas before heading to the venue. We have parking.    


If you manage some Spanish you can “adventure” to save money.

Option 1- Take a cab, UBER or metro from the airport to Taxqueña (central de camiones del sur) from the Taxqueña bus station you can take a 1 hour bus to Tepoztlan, Morelos for $140 pesos. 


Option 2- Take a Pullman bus from the Airport to Cuernavaca, Morelos for $310 pesos. 

A- Right outside the bus station in Cuernavaca you can take a cab or an UBER to the venue for about $250-$400 pesos, most likely they will take the free road and this could take 30 min extra. 

B- If you don't have much luggage, you could walk 5 min from the bus station to the market and take a bus to Tepoztlan center for about $30 pesos, make sure it's the direct one that goes by the highway. 


Arriving in Tepoztlan you will also need a cab from the center to the venue for about $60 pesos. 


The exact location will be given to you after booking.


We are looking for enthusiasts who would like to assist/volunteer at the Tantra Festival in Mexico.


We require diverse talents to fill in different volunteering positions, at the moment we are seeking responsible beings that have some experience or knowledge with video conferences and any technical skills, as well as workshop assistants, emotional support.


If you are interested please fill in the application below.




If you have any questions or doubts please feel free to contact us

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