Angel Be & OnaRay, Tantra Festival Mexico, Tepoztlan

Angel & OnaRay believe we are all here to “Love ourselves Awake!”

As partners and co-creators Angel and OnaRay are on a mission to awaken the world to greater Truth, and Liberated Love through Tantra and Courageous Communication.


They are Nomadic Spiritual Tantric adventurers driven by a deep yearning for self-knowledge, wisdom, and being in service.


OnaRay dedicates her life to awaken a new paradigm of sexual relating through her educational platform AwakenSex and her provocative podcast a “Discourse beyond Intercourse.” She’s been immersed in the study of Tantric Arts for 20 years and has been teaching internationally and supporting clients privately for the past 7 years.


Angel is an “IntiMystic” combining Intimacy and Spirituality in a mystical journey to heal the wound of separation and live in true Freedom! This is the promise of Tantra. Angel teaches Conscious Communication and Emotional Intelligence as the foundations to radical intimacy and courageous relating. He is a devoted Love Coach, Tantra Counselor and Men’s Circle facilitator working with private clients and teaching workshops around the world since 2016.


TOGETHER Angel and OnaRay offer potent transmissions of Tantric Wisdom that come from the living embodiment of a Tantric Lifestyle. Established in their own practice of loving themselves awake, their delivery is uniquely playful, passionate, real, - - a radical revelation and invitation to your own Sexual and Spiritual liberation!

Are you ready?


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