Michelle Alva is a mindset change, energy, and feminine embodiment coach. She is the Creator of The Alva Method, a process of self-discovery, self-love expansion, that integrates modern science with ancient wisdom such as yoga, tantra, meditation, shamanism, belly dance, and sound healing with NLP, Hypnosis, and PSYCH-K. Her background as a physical therapist for 23 years inspired Michelle to create an effective body-mind-energy approach to processing and releasing trapped emotions in the body. Her clients go from a 8/10 chronic pain to a zero in seconds. Individuals with a willingness and desire work with her to create miraculous shifts and to restore harmony and flow from within. Michelle shares powerful meditations to uplift humanity on her youtube Channel MichelleAlvaTV, she has written for Elephant Journal, Mindbodygreen, and created the Alva Method Practitioner Training and Wild Women of Abundance Movement to spread this powerful work and inspire leaders to carry on her mission of healing empowerment. Michelle offers virtual group healing and empowerment programs and created Intro To Tantra Video series for Couples, Yoni Healing and Sexual Empowerment Audio Program, Abundant Pregnancy Audio Program, and Clear Your Mind, Elevate Your Energy.

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