Mario Sanchez, Tantra Festival Mexico, Tepoztlan

Mario Sanchez is globally recognized as one of the best bodyworkers for sexual healing. His gifts developed over the last 14 years in more than 38 countries. Born clinically dead, with severe birth deformities, Mario has an unbelievable story of overcoming major life challenges and literally transmits his regained life force through his hands. It was a struggle to find the best treatments to heal his own personal traumas. Now after restructuring his own body, Mario embraced this as his calling and dedicated his life to mastering his own signature modality called The Body Awakener. He has foundations in Guild of Structural Integration (Rolfing) and has trained with global masters. Combining these essential tools moves fascia and unlocks the energy pathways within the body. His methods have been known to produce outstanding and long-lasting results. Patients gain a dramatic increase of liberating life force that’s activated across the vital centers or chakras. Passionate and dedicated to each of his clients, Mario continues to improve his practice by anchoring his knowledge in real life experiences in each person and their body.

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