Through the path of Tantra, I experienced an extraordinary metamorphosis, shifting my life from a human doing to a human being.


Tantra had been in my periphery but of course I was too busy. My first experience was an A-ha moment. It was the missing piece found and a coming home to myself. It was like a veil was lifted and the mask removed. I had been living in pursuit of life when in actuality life was happening all around me but I was moving too fast to be really present and feel. 


I sought out and studied with the best teachers stateside and abroad to learn all the facets of Tantra, graduating from numerous esteemed teacher training. The beauty of it was that the teachings were best learned experientially allowing a deep dive into the unknown mystery of existence. It is not only a daily practice but a moment-to-moment returning to ourselves. Unlocking the secrets of life began with the key of looking within me instead of external sources.  

Are you ready?