Reiki Treatment


Our healing temple will hold the space for individual sessions. This is ideal if you have a specific issue that you wish to explore in more depth with the guidance of an experienced practitioner. Individual sessions are a great way to support your journey during the Festival and to deepen your understanding of Tantra in general. 

Yoga at Home

At the moment we are receiving applications if you wish to participate on TFM2020 offering one on one sessions and have all the certifications for

the work you do please apply here

Yoga Practice

Some of our healers will be offering sessions in person at the festival venue and others will be offering sessions online.


  • If you are attending the Festival in person, you may book any kind of session you wish whether online or in person. 

  • If you are attending the TFM online or none, you will only be able to book one on one sessions online. 



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