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Hello, I'm Gisella I've been traveling for many years working on festival production, retreat centers, living on sustainable communities, performing, facilitating and learning.


I went back to my home town after an important loss, where I began to focus completely on my spiritual practices. I had to reconnect with the power of the serpent within to help me transmute all my pain, I channeled "The Ritual of the Serpent" as my own medicine. 


At the same time, I was initiated on the Mahamudra Teachings and Anuttara Tantra Yoga, I became a Oneironaut practitioner alongside Reiki, Tai chi and Qi gong. Looking for healing, I was introduced to the Temple Arts and Sacred Sexuality where I found the deepest healing and liberation.

I am a dancer among other activities in my life, dancing is what makes me truly free, I dance to express, to release emotions and to connect with my body. I'm currently developing a dance session for emotional release and sharing emotional release workshops.

Are you ready?