Gisella is currently focused on Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, and Temple Arts, and is fully committed to supporting the healing and liberation of the collective sexual wounding in Latin America.


She has been traveling for years working on event production, retreat centers, living in sustainable communities, facilitating, and learning.


She went back to her hometown after the loss

of a loved one, where she began to focus on her spiritual path, initiated on Mahamudra Teachings and Anuttara Tantra Yoga, became an Oneironaut practitioner alongside Reiki, Tai chi and Qi gong.


Around the same time, she found out about Temple Arts and Sacred Sexuality and it was through sexual healing that she began a journey back to her true self. ​With spiritual guidance, she invoked the power of the serpent within to help her transmute all pain and grief and channeled "The Serpent Ritual" as her own medicine.   

Are you ready?