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You don’t need any previous experience to come, just an open mind and willingness to face yourself and others truly. The Festival is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners, older than 18 years. All sexual orientations and preferences are welcome. You are welcome to come alone, with friends or with a partner.


TFM International is celebrated annually for 5 days during the full moon of November. All the activities of the festival are on English.


To get the full experience we require that you come at the start and stay for the duration of the whole festival. We have activities from 7 am to 12 am.


We recommend arriving in Cancun/Tulum at least one day prior and leaving at least one day after for integration. We also recommend arriving earlier for pre activities and staying longer to enjoy the post activities.


Tulum is located in the state of Quintana Roo. The closest airport is in Cancun (CUN) 117 km away. Playa del Carmen is 60 km away. 


The weather is divine throughout the year. On November, temperatures don’t drop below 18 C. It is the end of the rain and huracain season so it may still rain and humidity levels can be high.


Tulum is a tourist town and almost everyone speaks english. There are several ATMs and exchange places in town. Cellphone reception is limited in the area. Our venue offers wifi but it is unreliable too. Definitely a good place to disconnect!


About Tulum

Tulum is an energy vortex (a place of high-energy field) that allows the field of our own electromagnetic field to be amplified by nature’s energy. Those that venture to Tulum say this energy allows us to heal our wounds. It has been a favorite of nature and wellness seekers, and is home to a trendy scene of wellness retreats, yoga, healthy and vegan restaurants, and beyond.

Tulum has an interesting cultural blend, combining traditional Mayan families with recent newcomers from all over the world. On one hand, you have a town with a Mayan-speaking population, local Mayan street food. On the other hand, you have the beach area, filled with tourists from all over the world, chic boutique hotels, and world class restaurants.

Playa las Palmas Tulum.jpeg

Tulum offers an incredible look into the Ancient Mayan Culture with impressive archeological sites to be explored, and not to mention the large amount of cenotes, underwater sinkholes, one of the most mystical wonders of nature, considered sacred by the Maya and known for their crystal clear water and ancient caves of stalactites and stalagmites.

With its stunning beaches, magical cenotes, wild jungle, and a high-energy field Tulum have it all! From working with world renowned teachers, Mayan healers, cacao ceremonies, temazcal, ecstatic dance, and medicinal plants, anybody can have a transformational holiday. Many spas offer traditional treatments performed by Mayan healers. The appeal doesn’t end there though.



Our Venue is located in Tulum, Quintana Roo. The closest airport is in Cancun (CUN) 112 km away.


There are different ways to arrive at the venue. 


From Cancun Airport you can get a cab, or a shuttle service, fast and easy but not cheap. Rates can be really different depending on companies one way private rides are around $150 USD. We suggest getting on our community app to get in touch with other participants and travel together. We will be offering private shuttles one month prior to the festival. 

Otherwise, you can rent a car at the airport and drive 112 km to the venue, make sure to have a working GPS and internet. Our venue is around 10 min before arriving in downtown Tulum, you will have to make a u-turn.

By bus, there are a few buses a day that goes from the airport to Tulum, if you don’t catch the bus to Tulum upon arrival, you can take a bus to Playa del Carmen. From the same bus station in Playa del Carmen, you can get another bus to Tulum. 

From downtown Tulum, you will have to take a cab to the venue, this can cost up to $500 MXN. If you don't have much luggage, you can cross the street from the bus station and wait for the van that goes to Playa del Carmen, ask them to drop you off at the venue, you will have to walk from the highway to the venue, vans cost around $40 MXN.

The exact location and address will be shared after booking.

How to get to the venue-International

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