ERIC MANDALA, Tantra Festival Mexico, Tepoztlan


Eric Mandala is a Producer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Instrument Maker, Visionary, Founder of "Mandala World Music" an international ethnic fusion world music group with people from all around. Co-Founder of “Spirit Travelers” An Electro/Tribal group. He has traveled around the world collaborating with 100's of artists under the name Mandala. His focus is to bring sacred styles of art and instrument together for a new fusion in this multicultural world. To spread the love through music and raise the collective consciousness of awareness & peace. 

Eric Mandala has played on, produced, and recorded over 15 albums. And has played in many Festivals around the world. When performing he uses live looping & plays over 100 ethnic and modern instruments from around the world with his Electronica Production. He sings in Universal Language mixing ancient tongues and ethnic styles of vocals with modern sound scat poetry. He builds & plays African harps like the Kora & Kamale N’goni.

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