Creator of the "E.SENSUAL TANTRIC MASSAGE" tm & "ENERGY BASED SENSUALITY & TANTRA" tm systems. Chris is a Tantra, Sensuality & Sex Educator and Internationally recognized Tai Chi & Chi Gong Master (Member of the U.S.A. & International Martial Arts Halls Of Fame & 2 time U.S. National Tai Chi Champion) with over 45 years experience in these fields who conducts workshops & retreats throughout Europe, Asia, Australia & The Americas. 
Having the unusual upbringing of being trained in these fields since his childhood...Chris draws upon 45+ years of training in Tantric Practices, Meditation, Eastern Mysticism, & “Relational Energetics" as well as Chi Gong & Tai Chi to design these detailed & fun workshops....each of which addresses vitally important aspects of Human Relating from an "Energetic" standpoint. He is a regularly featured presenter at international conferences on Tantra, Sexuality & Consciousness as well as those on Chinese Martial Arts.

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