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The first Tantra Festival in Latin America!

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Be witnessed, held, loved, and supported by your community as you give yourself permission to feel and express your true authentic self. 

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The TFM international edition is taking a break in 2024, see you in 2025 for the 6th edition

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TFM offers something different. It offers something our society, culture, and humanity itself desperately needs…


A transformational experience to expand your heart and learn to be present with yourself and with others. An exquisite opportunity to build more intimacy and deepen your relationships.

Can you imagine a transforming holiday, sharing and connecting with like-minded beings? A heartwarming gathering in paradise meeting kindred spirits willing to explore personal development, relationships, and spirituality through tantra.

TFM offers a safe space to heal old wounds, especially those created by shame and guilt, self-doubt. A place to really dive deep within yourself and bring back your power. You don’t need any previous experience to come, just an open mind and heart.

If you feel the call, If you feel like something is missing in your life, if you’ve been craving to connect with like-minded people or just feeling like you don't belong where you are, If you’ve been interested in Tantra or if you already know you want to go deeper and meet your true self… 
Come and join us! We are waiting for you!

Are you ready?

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